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Making it as a Freelancer

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CC by David Warlick


I freelanced for about 5 months between jobs. Man, were those 5 months great. I spent a few days in New York with my boyfriend (who lived there at the time) and we visited museums, Central Park, went to the movies and dined out. All without the fear of losing my job. I could work from anywhere. At whatever time. Plus, I had the money to afford it. I did all of the work that I promised clients and finished it in a timely manner. Still, I did not manage my time wisely or promote myself, and my number of projects dwindled until I realized I needed the stability of a 9 to 5 to pay my bills. A full-time job is not something I wanted to need.

Advantage of Freelancing:
Set your own schedule to fit your lifestyle.
You can enjoy the flexibility of spending time with your children, balancing parenting or walking your dog. Take however long you want for lunch and start as early in the morning as you’d like without fearing that your boss or supervisor will call you out on it. Travel. Go to the beach. Enjoy life.

Disadvantage of Freelancing:
There is no set schedule to help you make sure you get things done. For me, it was hard to ever feel that right then was a good time to sit down and work, rather than watching TV, a movie or going to the beach.

The top reason that freelancers don’t get things done and ultimately can’t make it on such an approach to work, is the fact that they do not have a firm set schedule. Instead, many freelancers may decide to work on their project “right after lunch” or “at some point in the afternoon.” It’s easy to procrastinate when you don’t have a schedule. Next thing you know, you have waited until the last minute and realize that you actually need more time to finish the project than you anticipated.

The Trick to Successful Freelancing:
Set a schedule. A specific schedule. Instead of deciding that you will work on a project in the morning, tell yourself that you will work on it at 10:00 AM. You can separate your set work times into 3 different times throughout the day; just stick to whatever schedule you make. Be as specific as possible regarding starting time and the length of time for your work session. If you catch yourself saying you’ll work on it later, pause everything, check your schedule and assign a time to work.

Any freelancers out there? What are your biggest challenges and how do you cope?