What is this?

I’m a copywriter. I’m an SEO Copywriter. I live in Miami. That’s why the title of this blog is Miami Copywriter.

You can call this an informal portfolio or you can call this a blog. In any case, this “thing” will track my journey through projects, challenges or any type of activity related to my copywriting career. It will be a place for me to store work that I’ve done so I can find everything in one place…and it will also be a place for me to vent my frustration or confusion (in regards to my career). Forward………..MARCH!

  1. I’m currently in school, just started my junior year and I happened to stumbled upon this because it pretty much sums up my situation. MIAMI COPYWRITER. I’m not a copywriter… yet! But I am from Miami. Any words of advice for an inexperienced girl like me? carog@ufl.edu


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